Most of the members of this great platform will not get their activities earning payout for the months of May due to violation of the platform rules, knowingly / unknowingly
Stated below are some of the reasons we have taken note of in the cause of the payments

1) Failure to post sponsored post.

2) Failure to post the sponsored post as instructed.

3) Earning from sponsored post without sharing it.

4) Too much one words/trashy/irrelevant comments

5) incorrect Facebook URL

6) filling withdrawal form more than once

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7) incorrect bank account details.

If you find yourself in any of the stated categories, I will advice you take note and do not repeat such next time.

About the sponsored post, some people think we will not check it so they don’t bother to share it, they only click to earn.

Also about filling withdrawal form twice, it was stated on the form never to fill it twice ,but some people even went ahead to fill it up to 3-4 time, I don’t why.

We implore every member to abide by any instruction given to them so that at the end of the day there would not be foul cry that TESSYNEWS is scam.

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Payment is not yet over, eligible members will continue to receive their Payment until the process is over.
Thank you, God bless you

**people have been asking me about the referral earning payout form, it will be available immediately activities payment is over.**


    1. Pls I learnt that if u want to withdraw ur activities money they will deduct our money.for example if uwant to withdraw 5k sunbiz will take 2,500and the client will get 2,500 is tru? If it is yes is not good that’s not what u told us when we want to register

  1. Jezz,you guys should just pardon us now..This is the first payment and I think it should be fair and just and as regarding filling the withdrawal application more than once,I think m a victim cos I filled it twice because of my network..Felt it wasn’t sent,dat was why I sent it again..I don’t think I should be penalized for just that now since I obeyed d remaining rules, please reconsider

  2. Please pay everybody, why is because this is first payment, whn next time if anybody violate this rules you can do whatever to them, and also let me remind you there is problem on post on Facebook, why my Facebook was Bock, before I reopen it I have to remove all my sponsor post then

  3. Am dazzled to be sincere ooo,we understand clearly that where there are no rules,there are no sins..But am still pleading on behave of the faulted,pls Tamper Justice With Mercy…Na Court of Appeal we dey so…And concerning d filling of withdrawal slip more than once,alot would fall a victim of that cos most networks are bad.. Enough of the whole excuses,just pardon us all dis one time pls

  4. Pls permit me to say this, this rules and regulations should have been from the beginning to anyone joining this platform. Unlike employing someone, once u finished the interview and the candidate qualified. You now present the rules and regulations to him or her immediately. That’s how it does, and most at times network is the caused for twice filling. Pls kindly do the payment and now it’s out we have all known. Thank u

  5. See if u like remove me from the group. What i said is nothing but the truth. TESSYNEWS no be ur Papa job. TESSYNEWS can not help u with their story story. If am all the TESSYNEWS users I will not even do as if I saw anything. They will be expecting my login, them no go see. I believe that ignore go make that CEO get small sense bcos now I believe say e neva get himself. So removing me from that group is nothing to me bcos I have not seen anything good in TESSYNEWS or that group. Infact I am to email them directly bcos all this nonsense is too much. Nobody is kid here dat one small boy or girl calling himself the CEO will be using peoples time for nothing

  6. Thanks for the update but this rules should have been given from the beginning not now and again when l joined l do ppost sponsored post to fb and its always been rejected even uptill now can’t post anything about Tessy news on Facebook

  7. The regulators are really leaving subscribers at the mercy of these companies. Then again, it is a free choice to subscribe or not subscribe. The demand is huge and the companies are in collusion so subscribers should expect more hikes.