The Yoruba Psychological Belief About Post After Life Existence (AKUDAYA)


The Yorubas Have Always Believed In The Possibility Of A Post After Life Existence Of Their Loved Ones, Also Known As AKUDAYA. This Belief Has Existed For Almost As Long As Yorubas Existed.

The People Who Are Believed To Continue Living In Another Place, After They Must Have Died In A Particular Place Are Referred To As The AKUDAYAS which means AKU (Death Or To Have Died), and DAYA (Coming Back To Existence).

The Yorubas Refer To The AKUDAYAS As Supernatural Or Spiritual Beings That Are Believed To Have Continued Living And Making Waves In Another Location Or Place, After Being Confirmed Dead In One Place.

This Belief Holds The Fact That The AKUDAYAS Travel To A Very Far Place, Away From Their Previous Place of Existence To Start Living A New Life, Which Is Usually Terminated Once They Come In Contact With People From Their Previous Life.

This Believe Holds The Fact That The AKUDAYAS Travel To A Very Far Place, Far Away From Their Previous Place Of existence To Start Living A New Life, This Life is Usually Terminated When People From Their Previous Life comes In Contact With Them Or Notices That They Now Exist In A New Location.

Yorubas Believe AKUDAYAS To Be Majorly Young People Who Died Without Making An Impact In Life. Owing To The Belief That A Snake Must Not Pass A Hill without leaving Its Print, Thus, Yorubas See One Who Died Without Leaving an offspring(s), As One With No Impacts. So, When This Kind Of People Die, They Are Believed To Come Back To Do These Things. They Are Believed To Roam The Earth Until They Find A New Place To Start A New Life.

The AKUDAYAS Start To Live A Normal Life Without Appearing To Anybody From Their Previous Life, Except In Their Dreams.

When AKUDAYAS Discover They Have Been Found Out, They Are Believed To Cut Short Their New Existence, But Not Without Leaving The Trace, They Came Back For.

In The Past, Some People Used To Believe That, The AKUDAYAS Meet One Another In A Particular Market In Ile-Ife. Modernization, However, Rendered Them Spaceless, As It Took Away All The Trees That Served As Shed for Their Meeting Ground, And Space Now Holds Different Buildings and Market Space.

Some Other Continents Of The World Have Also Experienced Similar Mysteries.

Many Yoruba Believe That Most Of The Deaths Experienced By AKUDAYAS, Include, But Is Not Limited To: Accidents, Debilitating Diseases, etc., As They Cannot Be Believed To Have Had A Very Sudden Death.

Being A Multi-religious and Mukti-cultural Society, It Is Strongly Denied In Africa That An Untimely Murdered Person Can Still Metaphorically Reincarnate Into Worldly Existence.

In Yoruba Land, Such A Transformation Is Mythically Portrayed.


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